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6538 Patterson Pass Rd Livermore 925-373-7223
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We are hiring!  Also we are always taking applications for mostly full and some part-time positions for applicants with required availability on weekends AND weekdays. We prefer high school graduates (over 18 years old) with outgoing personalities and the ability to problem solve. Experience in Customer Service, Retail, and/or Mechanical/Fabrication skills are an added bonus! 
Umigo is looking for a staff that is enthusiastic about making our center a great place to race for our guests. We encourage applicants to be enthusiastic about kart racing, but we do not expect you to know everything about it. We are eager to introduce our new guests to this activity and need your help!  Opportunities to develop your skills are available to everyone here, so check us out!
If interested, download and fill out this application and bring it in to the track OR send your contact information (and resume if you have one) to: . If appropriate, we will contact you and set your expectations for the next steps.