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6538 Patterson Pass Rd Livermore 925-373-7223
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Umigo League Racing

It is a high-tech way of ranking you against every driver who has raced at Umigo.

Umigo has a Seasonal Race Series, so every 3 months you start out with 1200 points.

Each time you race, we recalculate your Umigo Points.

 The points increase or decrease based on how you do in your heat, 

and who was out there with you.

 It matters a lot if you beat someone who is really well ranked, 

but it doesn't matter very much if they beat you.


At the end of each season, Umigo will reward the Top 3 Racers and 

offer the Top 30 a FREE race-off event.


Spring Season 2017 on now: March 7th, 2017 to June 5th 2017

Current Points Standing are Here