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6538 Patterson Pass Rd Livermore 925-373-7223
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Umigo League Racing

Umigo offers you the best value in racing

Longest regular laps for your money (usually 30 seconds or longer per lap ~ compare to some tracks that have 15-18 second laps),  

Bigger & wider tracks for easier passing = more racing

The most track variety of any indoor karting facility in the United States = no track boredom

Less traffic out on the track during your race session = more fun,   

No arbitrary speed governing common on electric karting facilities, and 

We don't slow down the whole track if another racer is having problems = more time at full speed


HINT: Go kart racing "value" cannot be measure by how many laps you get as each track is different

Lap times vary greatly from track to track because of track size, speed  & length,

At other tracks, a 15 Lap Session can really mean about 3-4 minutes on a track,

ours could be double that amount!  Race Real - Race More - Race Faster At Umigo!


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