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6538 Patterson Pass Rd Livermore 925-373-7223
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Racing is Real at Umigo!
Drop In Racing Events, Team Enduros, or Leagues: You can join the fun!

Real Racing is Rare at Indoor GoKart Tracks. 
What others may call "league racing" is simply time trials, not side by side racing to be in front of the pack. 
At Umigo, you can experience racing for real.
WHY WOULD I WANT TO JOIN IN? The desire to race on a regular basis is a key motivator for most Umigo racers. Friendships are developed and mutual respect on the race track is a natural outcome. Racing at Umigo is competitive, but not negatively aggressive. Perhaps most importantly, when you race with the best, you become a better racer. Without exception, new racing participants improve their racing skills and their lap times.
Every race format is somewhat unique so we will let you know what's going on. Black Flags and time penalties will be used to control aggressive driving that is damaging to Umigo equipment or adds excessive danger to the race. Ask us if you have any concerns or questions before the race.
Racing is most fun when all racers follow a sportsman-like set of rules on the track. Passing, in particular, can become controversial unless everyone agrees to play fair and self-regulates their driving. Trading positions in a race adds excitement and fun to the race. It is much more enjoyable than simply struggling to block the kart behind you. Passing is a collaboration of the passing kart (passer) and the kart being passed (passee). Umigo guidelines suggest that if the passer has reached one-half to two-thirds of a kart length on the passee, then the passer has "earned" the pass. The passee should not obstruct the passer, but is not obligated to let the passer go if the passer does not "take the pass".
No bumping from behind or pinching into the barriers. Umigo karting is high performance racing, not bumper cars. Occasional unintentional bumping may occur and the karts are built and maintained to handle this, but the rules are no intentional bumping from behind and no pinching/pushing into barriers. If you are clearly bumping other drivers intentionally, we will warn you.  If the behavior persists, we may penalize you with a Black Flag and ask you to have a discussion with us in the Sin Bin. If you continue to disobey this rule, we reserve the right to remove you from the race without refund. It is important that racing is safe and respectful of others and Umigo equipment.
No retaliation. Aggressive driving may occur and the Umigo Track Marshals are there to manage this for you. However, if you feel that another racer is being uncomfortably aggressive and Umigo Staff has not noticed it, then it is your responsibility to alert Umigo Staff to the issue. You can simply come into the Sin Bin or Pit Area and talk it through with Umigo Staff. It is absolutely wrong and dangerous to retaliate or become aggressive back to the offending driver. If Umigo Staff does not solve the issue to your satisfaction, ask for the Umigo Manager in charge. You should always remember that it is indoor karting not the Olympics, there are no money prizes and it is more about fun than anything.
Will be made by Umigo randomly or we will employ an bottom-up or top down kart pick as part of the event. Any karts that are known dogs or cheetahs will be removed from competition to keep it even. So please don’t ask for a specific kart. Our staff works diligently to even out the entire fleet’s performance.
As with all racing, mechanical problems can occur and we will do our best to switch your kart out to an alternative kart. Although we have some timing tools at our disposal, we cannot guarantee any changes in race results for mechanical problems. Lastly, if you crash or get stuck, we will do our best to pull you out of the situation in a timely manner, but you will likely lose position. Conclusion: Don't crash.