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Umigo League Racing
 Youth Racing: Under 18 years old
Umigo provides an great activity for youth.
 In a controlled & safe environment, kids can heighten their skills, coordination, self-reliance, responsibility, 
confidence and discipline within programs designed for them.


For youth under 18 years old : A legal guardian will need to read, agree, & sign the liability waiver on your behalf. 
 You can find the release document here.
We prefer that the legal guardian come to Umigo to electronically sign the liability form.
Guardian can do this anytime before the race day of the minor. 
The signed document may be brought to the track day of race.

Umigo minimum height  to be a candidate for participation in our ADULT KARTS is at least 4' 10"(58 inches) tall .

 In order to participate, any youth 15 years old or under are required to be certified by Umigo staff.

New Junior Go Karts!  Available NOW!
For Youth over 4' tall but not big enough for adult go karts, we have go karts just your size!  Available now for reservations only or parties
Call us to get the information and schedule your time!  925-373-7223


Call us at 925.373.7223 OR contact to get your party questions answered