A high-tech way of ranking you against every driver who has raced at Umigo.

  • Umigo has a Seasonal Race Series, every 3 months you start out with 1200 points.
  • Each time you race, we recalculate your Umigo Points.
  • The points increase/decrease based on how you do in your heat, and who was out there with you.
  • It matters a lot if you beat someone who is ranked high, but it doesn't matter very much if they beat you. It is a handicapping system of sorts.

VIP NIGHT: At the end of each points chase season, Umigo will reward the Top 3 Racers and offer the Top 30 a FREE race-off event pitting you against the best racers and the top 6 Umigo staff! At the end of the race event, the TOP 3 in the points chase will be rewarded.

Tons of fun and great racing!