I Want To Try It!  Indoor High Performance GoKarting looks exciting because it is. The best thing is... you don't have to be an experienced racer to try it. Within a couple of sessions, you will be comfortable with racing on the track and, most likely, eager to try it again with a friend. Minimum height is 4' tall for youth karts and 4'10" for adult karts.

1st: How old are you?

Under 18 years old?

There are different levels of prerequisites:

1) Legal Guardian Liability Release Requirement For All

2) Certification for racers under 16 year old

18 & Older?

Easy, just come on in.  Call us first if you want to be sure of track availability : 925-373-7223.  Like a restaurant, our schedule is variable daily and can change rapidly. Call ahead and you will never have to wait in hour+ long lines like at electric tracks. You need to agree with Umigo rules/terms/conditions through a liability release authorization.

2nd: What do you need to bring?

Nothing really, just your desire to have some fun, along with closed-toe shoes. Umigo provides a clean race suit if you want it, head sock (purchased for helmet borrowing hygiene), neck brace, & the kart. If you have your own helmet, you are welcome to use it (full face and eye protection required). Any other personal race gear is fine too (like suits, gloves, shoes, etc).

3rd: What do I do on the track?

Generally, you will either be racing on the track for fun or a best time or you will be racing to win by position versus the other participants on the track. No worries, we will help you to decide based on your comfort level, group size and track availability. 


4th: What training do you provide?

We require that all participants watch a 5 minute video that explains the basics of indoor karting rules and general how-to's. Our friendly staff will help you through the rest, it really is pretty easy. Optionally for a fee, you can ask for one-on-one sessions with an instructor.  Unique to Umigo: during slower hours, our track staff will be happy to give you pointers or show you the line on the track in a lead-follow race.  For Youth Under 16, we require participation in a certification race with our instructors on track.  This is the safest way to get younger racers ready for the action on the track.

5th: Is that it?

Pretty simply get on the track and enjoy the exhilaration of the speed and the challenge of indoor karting! If you are ever unsure or need help, just ask. We are there to help you. We sincerely want to help you have a good time no matter what your level of experience.  See you there!