Hello Racing Fans!

Welcome to the FALL 2019 racing season at Umigo!

Round 1 of the Fall League is only a few days away -> Monday, October 14th 7pm<-
This season's format will remain largely the same 
>10 lap qualify - race for best laptime
>15 lap sprint - race for position
>20 lap main - race for position

Drivers meeting @ 7:30pm 
Racing starts @ 8:00pm
> Qualifying round heat assignments will be determined by current standing in overall points championship. Round 1 heat assignments will be based on sign-up order.

> Sprint heat assignments and grid order will be determined by best lap times from the qualifying round.

> Main heat assignments and grid order will be determined by accumulated points from qualifying and sprint rounds. Overall best lap time in the event will be the tie breaker. 
Buy into the season for $100, before the end of round 2. 
The $100 covers your first round. Then each additional round will only cost $30. Non-buy in price per round will be $70

Total season @ buy-in price: $370 
Total season @ non buy-in price $700

Drivers will not be able to buy-in after the second round on October 21. 
- Kart draw for each round is back 
- Drivers can not drive the same kart twice in a round 
- Jokers laps are back
- New prizes!

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